Being a descendant of the great Aro kingdom, Ndikelionwu people hold their Ikeji masquerade festival every year exhibiting their rich cultural heritage.

The town also celebrates the Iri-Ji-Ofuu (New Yam) festival on the first Saturday of September every year as an Igbo heritage. Ndike also hold the festival (books, art, culture and tourism) every October and the awaiting inevitable Youth Football league every December.

The people of Ndikelionwu of the 21st century are predominantly Christians with the advent of Christianity in the town dating as far back as 1908.on November 2008 Ndikelionwu celebrated their 100 years centenary of Christianity in the town . Under the two-weeks-old-coronate Eze Ikelionwu XI, Prof. Chukwuemeka Ike.


The major traditional occupation of the people is agriculture and these include fish farming, animal husbandry, and crop cultivation. Major farm products include corn, rice, cassava, yam and palm produce.

There are many processing plants like palm oil mill, rice mill, garri mill etc that processes these crops as they are harvested from the farm.

And did I forget to mention the inevitable and  never to be forgotten one of the great palm product " Palm Wine" made using fluids and yeast from palm trees. You need to taste Ndike palm wine and watch it you might get drunk unknowingly as you still ask for more.

Aside farming people also engage in business, trading and white collar professions.