Ndikelionwu,from facts assumptions was established in the first half of the 18th century between 1701 and 1750 based on genealogies of Izuogu,founder of Ndizuogu and Ikelionwu who where the most significant in the early phase of Aro expansion.

A document at National Archives Enugu, Nigeria contains information about Ndikelionwu; Ikelionwu to be presice, with the date 1828 attached which according to history could not be his date of birth as his fifth son Okoli Ijeoma was said to have driven Achina away from Enugummonyeoma as well as Agbudu and made them his subject about the year 1825.

Ikelionwu Ufele came to what later become Ndikewlionwu from Ibom in Arochukwu in Arochukwu.Established a base outside Arochukwu by the help of Egenti Ezewusie,head of Omogho community who he assisted to flush out his enemies with the gun he acquired from portugese traders.Ikelionwu was the first to introduce the gun in the area.

Ikelionwu ufere had seven sons, Ufere Ike,Okoli Ike,Kanu Ike,Akpaka ike,Ijeoma Ike,Ike Nwa Ike and Okafor Ike.